Critical Essay 4

DUE DATE: Monday, December 15 @ 12noon.

This is our final course assignment for the semester. It is an informal reflection essay that need not conform to academic styles or tone. There is no length requirement.

Twenty years from now, you likely remember less than 10% of what you’ve learned in our class over these past four months. Assuming this to be the case, what do you hope that 10% would be? Why?

You should turn in your CE4 assignment no later than the above due date via this link to our Google Dropbox.


The End of the Road

I’ll see you all on Sunday, starting at 10:30AM, for a trip to my house for brunch. Bring your appetites!

Our semester comes to end this week with our final class meeting on Tuesday. We’ll get one more chance to discuss a few things as well as complete course evaluations.

Your Critical Essay 3 assignments are due by the start of class. You can turn in your CE3 assignment via this link to our Google dropbox.

A separate post relating to the final Critical Essay 4 assignment will go live during our class meeting. It will contain the prompt as well as a link you can use to submit the assignment.


I have decided to extend the due date for Critical Essay 3 to Tuesday, December 9. This will give you more time to do your research and work on its presentation. For simplicity sake, I would appreciate it if you could turn in the paper printed out in class.

On Tuesday we will finish reading the Fujino book and have our last seminar. Our class leaders from last week will take the stage to close us out. You do not have to write a Reading Interaction essay.

On Thursday we will discuss the prompt for Critical Essay 4 and the manner in which you will turn it in. We’ll also take the time to do a writing exercise. More on this in class.

Be well until then!

Week 13

One more class and then all the turkey (or tofurkey) you can eat!

This Tuesday we will have our second to last seminar discussion on a course reading–chapters 6-8 in Heartbeat of Struggle. You will also write your LAST short reading interaction piece! Exciting stuff…

If you need someplace to spend the Thanksgiving holiday please let me know. You are more than welcome to join my family.

Until Tuesday, stay healthy!

Week 12

This should be a fairly easy week. For Tuesday you should read chapters 3, 4, and 5 in Heartbeat of Struggle. If you are not presenting you are expected to write your next Reading Interaction piece. Your previous ones will be graded by then, as well.

On Thursday we’ll try to begin some work on our research papers (Critical Essay 3). Come prepared to think and, if you have an idea for a topic, to test it out a bit in research and writing.

Critical Essay 3

DUE DATE: Thursday, December 4th

Like the other critical essay assignments, this is an opportunity designed for you to demonstrate your skills and understandings with respect to Outcome 3. Accordingly, it should be “academic” in tone and analytical in argument.

This critical essay is intended to be a “research paper” where you design a question that can be answered through scholarly research. It can be up to 10 pages in length. It should make use of footnotes, and reflect the writing “guidelines” distributed earlier in the semester.

Using scholarly sources, develop an argument that sheds light on some aspect of postwar movements for justice. You may discuss any movement(s) and any related theme(s) or topic(s), whether or not part of our class. The expectation is that the question will be served by the three course books, in addition to other scholarly materials.

This assignment is worth 10 points. It will be assessed and graded by asking the following questions:

• Does the student analyze historical sources in service of an argument?
• Does the student apply an organizational scheme to clearly develop their ideas and engage an audience?
• Does the student employ citation and formatting styles reflective of the academic profession?

The paper should be printed out and turned in on Thursday, December 4th at 11:00AM.

You are encouraged to visit the Pomona College Writing Center. The library and its staff will also prove useful to you as you go about framing your question and finding sources. Kimberly Franklin is the staff librarian with an expertise in our field.

Week 11

We begin reading our last course book this week, Heartbeat of Struggle by Diane Fujino. As you read be mindful of how this work might join with the other two books and serve as the foundation of a larger research question for your next Critical Essay.

On TUESDAY we will read and discuss the introduction and chapters 1 & 2 in the book. Two of our classmates will guide us in our discussion. The rest of you will write and submit your 7th Reading Interaction piece. (If you need them, the instructions on how to do that properly are here.)

On THURSDAY we will watch a documentary on the life and work of Yuri Kochiyama. We will also review the prompt for the third Critical Essay.

If you are interested, here is NPR’s obituary for Ms. Kochiyama.